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Tailored development services

Up Engineers is a unique platform for both developers and clients for finding the best way of realization. We are to gather developers from around the world who want to use the stack and the programming language they are specialized in for making clients needs real. Any professional can join us. But if you are rather a client who is in need of a project, our team is here for you, that is to say, you can search and find the developer who can fulfill your needs, also ask us for assistance, we can assess your needs, project(s) and offer the most appropriate developer for you. The projects and tasks you have will be managed and operated by us, so as you won't be obliged to devote your time and efforts to the development process.

We have tried to find the most creative, motivated and professional team, so both you and we are satisfied after our cooperation. If you are a developer, feel free to join us, we will find that very project which will meet your needs.


Upengineers Developer

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Business Development (USA)

Upengineers Developer

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Business Development (Europe)

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Business Development (Asia)

Upengineers Developer

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Business Development (Australia)

Upengineers Developer

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Upengineers Developer

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Director of Finance

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Marketing Director

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Administrative Director