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Proven expertise of Angular as a framework leaves both the developers and clients speechless. Not only long-lasting expertise but also its continuous development leaves Angular in the spotlight.

When and Where to Use Angular?

Angular was released in 2010 as a front solution for web apps. It can be used for building various websites and applications. Due to its flexibility, it can be successfully used with various technologies, e.g. in MEAN (MongoDB+Express.js+Angular+Node.js) stack technologies it serves as front-end.

The technology behind

Two-way data binding is one of the core features of it. So it enables successful model and view synchronization.

Angular has MVC architecture, it is also endowed with 3-phase bootstrapers; new injector creation, directive compilation, directive to the scope linking.

Angular is very popular, though it is really difficult to work and reach its pace, the one release is followed with another. The latest version is 6 and its long-term supported version will be available in autumn 2018.


The best sum up sentence for Angular is that it is supported by Google. There is no idea that can’t be realized with Angular, so we will be glad to work with any version of it delivering appealing and rich functionality projects.



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