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Full Stack developer

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Full Stack developer

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PHP & JS developer


JS – full of versatile technologies that can be adapted to any requirement and specific task or demand.

Yes - You Should Use JS

Some people confuse JavaScript with Java, not you and not UP Engineers, as both of us are in the field for specific reasons and take the work we do for granted. JS is one of the most popular languages and is browser compatible.

It offers:

Exciting frameworks and libraries

App development with React Native

Cooperation with MongoDB etc.

This is far not the end of the list, not being a new language it is still promising and will surely be adapted to many future projects and initiatives.

The Stack

The most popular JS stack is MEAN stack which is a perfect combination of technologies and it enables us to build rich feature and charming design projects.

So, the back is based on Node and Express, with the help of Node JS comes from the browser to the server. Usually Node is used with Express, as it is a significant routing solution.


As far as the front is concerned, we usually work with React library as with the help of it we have built exciting user interfaces. React becomes even powerful in combination with Redux state manager.

React Native is used for building mobile apps in JS. The projects built on React Native are compatible both on Android and iOS operation systems.

MongoDB database is the one which most of developers rely on when delivering JavaScript projects. The queries, regardless of their number, may be successfully managed and controlled.


JavaScript is not only one of the most popular programming languages but also promises to be in the list for a long time. As every technology JS technologies has their specific characteristics and we will be glad to find the best one for your particular project.


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