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Every developer cares for time and functionality, Laravel has both, it is also open for third-party libraries, has clean routing and fosters creativity.

Everyone is Passionate about Laravel

Most of the developers are just passionate about it. Being an open source framework it was released in 2011 and is one of the most used and popular PHP frameworks among Symfony or CodeIgniter.

One of the reasons of its success is rapid development, and what about Laravel Echo, Laravel Passport? All of these make it a great decision.


What makes Laravel unique?

Its modular package (in 4 with Composer integration)

The use of Blade templating engine

Eloquent ORM

Vagrant virtual machine

Artisan CLI etc.


Laravel has an exciting architecture, because of its versatility any idea may be turned into reality with it. Our Laravel developers will develop both website and applications for you.



Hire Developers with Up Engineers as our close team of innovative professionals is passionate about partnering with good people and organizations to offer exceptional custom solutions.

Dedicated Team

We approach each project with process-driven intentionality.

Supportive staff

Every Up Engineers team developer is provided with opportunities to learn, grow and stay productive

Operation manager

Helpful operation manager, will support you at every step

Flexible Contract

Flexible contracts with simple monthly billing