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Node.js is unique solution as it can be successfully used in the back of the project; it has an open-source stack and helps as manage everything due to package manager.

Do you plan to use Node?

If you ask us, then the answer is yes, as with Node.js JS recognizes no browser boundaries.

It was released in 2009 and is compatible with such environments as Windows, Linx, OSX etc. One of its characteristics is that it is endowed with package manager, besides is full of libraries and the developer working on Node, can skillfully assist you with front-end tasks as well.


With Node.js there is no lack of scalability, it makes use of cluster module and is great for load – balancing. In addition it relies on an event loop. Note that the runtime is built with HTTP.

The current version of Node.js is 7.9.0 which tried to cover all the possible percentages of ECMAScript.

We have already mentioned that Node has its npm package management system, the largest one in the world.


If you agree with us and think the Node is worth consideration, then don’t hesitate to contact us, we will skillfully use all its features to develop the logic and functionality of projects.

Have you launched a project based on Node? Let’s do one together!



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