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Being a successful company of influenced PHP developers we offer a wide range of variety services around the world. Our developers can be great additions to the development teams.

Why is PHP the BEST choice?

PHP's contribution to new advancements in web-development is undeniable, as a server-side scripting language it enables building flexible and feasible projects.

PHP is the acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor; its roots go back to 1994 and still, up to know it facilitates building various projects from blogs to world – known and highly scalable projects.

Current version (7.1.4) came with huge refinement after the acclaim of earlier versions. Due to its flexibility, it may be used with other languages including JavaScript or Ruby on Rails. When JS frameworks are used for front – end PHP frameworks serve as a back – end solution, though they may be of great importance for front – end as well.

PHP frameworks are highly used nowadays; the original embedment with HTML is already a history. PHP is the 4th most active language on Github repository, following such languages as JS, Java and Python.





It is not necessary to be a web expert to build blogs; many of amateur blogs are mainly based on WordPress. It offers wide variety of services; from themes and templates for design, to plugins and extensions for functionality. The wide scope of its usage lies in its uncomplicated configuration process. Easy, fast and effective, what else matters?


Symfony comprises all exciting PHP features.

It is a full pot of best practices of web-development, starting from building appealing, fast and secure applications to delivering custom solutions.


Laravel is the most creative PHP framework, which probably justifies the reason developers are so much passionate about it.

It offers wide variety of modules embraced in bundles and is great for fulfilling the needs; it is not as fast as Symfony but is surely worth waiting!

What about the stack?

PHP was originally compiled to Linux, Apache and MySQL, so it was mainly used in the LAMP Stack. Due to technological advancements, it is successfully functioning as an independent system now. It also enables developers to write RESTful servers, by extracting data from NoSQL database and transferring it to the front. Besides, it may be an effective solution for building apps based on PostgreSQL.


Apache and Nginx web – servers are successfully used with PHP. The embedment with HTML permits the PHP interpreter work with delimiters for processing the code.

Starting from PHP 5, it offers type declaration, for instance 5.0 version has classes and interfaces, 5.1 comes with arrays, while 5.4 offers "callables''. PHP 7 is the latest version and provides us with scalars and function return types.

Starting from 2000, that is to say from the release of PHP 3, PHP is considered to be an object-oriented programming language, that is why PHP 5 is filled with newly presented and enhanced features, including member variables which are secured, classes (abstract and final) etc.


PHP Implementations - What does it bring?

PHP does not come alone; the initial implementation is a successful collaboration with Zend Engine which is worthy contender of Facebook's HipHop Virtue Machine. The latter successfully achieves 600% performance boosts.


Is there a question or any doubt on PHP? It is surely the best choice; long-lasting history, exciting advancements and breakthroughs, - what else do we need?

PHP, its services and frameworks come as an "all rounder" and can be perfect decision for all situations. If you are suspicious about using it, rely on our team; the team of professionals who are well – versed in all PHP technologies and know how to bring the best out of all its features.

Let us help and turn all the ideas into reality, contributing to success of any initiative.


Hire Developers with Up Engineers as our close team of innovative professionals is passionate about partnering with good people and organizations to offer exceptional custom solutions.

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