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The popularity of React is growing as quickly as the React itself.
We always try to find the quickest solutions and here is React as the best assistance. In the end there is an effective, exciting project with appealing UI and UX.

Are You In Two Minds Concerning React?

If you still think whether to use React or not we advice not to waste time as React doesn’t support time-consumption.

One thing that will always need clarification is the fact of React being a library; yes, - it is a library capable of building websites and applications, including mobile apps. The latter is fulfilled with the help of React Native. React values time, without refreshing the project, it even makes possible to display the data over time. Though it can perfectly embrace the whole project and provide all the needed features, in some cases it can be used together with other frameworks and libraries including Angular.

It seems we use React for many years but it is comparatively new, the initial release took place in 2013, till that it continuous providing us with its latest advancements, if React Native is not new anymore, we are to welcome React Fiber.

React as a Technology

It is a front-end solution with great amount features worth consideration.

Has agile Architecture, it is not simple HTML rendering, it is a perfect suit for isomorphic architecture.

Supports Virtual DOM, so comes along with all the updates needed, always a step ahead.

Skillfully manages data, keeping the data mutation logic and the rendering separate from each other. Redux comes up with the combination of the above mentioned, that is why is the beloved state management library.


React Native

One of the appealing features of React is its opportunity to build mobile apps. It enables building browser compatible projects making use of JS and React features.

What is worth mentioning is that by building a mobile app with React, we do not build a hybrid app, or a mobile compatible web app but rather and pure mobile application, this is due to its UI building blocks which are the same compared to Android or iOS apps.

It even enables the use of native code in combination with JS, just like Facebook app is written. Apart from Facebook, React Native is used by Instagram.


So, React as a library is used for fulfilling front-end goals and tasks. As for React Native, it is used for building mobile apps. We will be glad to ascertain that React can be a great choice for variety of tasks and requirements. If you have chosen React, we will be glad to go on with it and build charming and exciting projects just appropriate to React itself; fast and accurate .


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